WELCOME to Chapman Creative Group, a graphic design studio led by Sherry Chapman, Creative Director, and Designer. Sherry works with vice presidents, marketing directors, and business owners who trust their brands in her hands. Sherry consults with her clients directly, guaranteeing every project receives a seasoned design professional's creative, detailed, experienced eye.
Creative Operations Consulting
Creative Operations Consulting is exciting. Working with creative teams to deliver well-executed content. Pulling together the big picture with the right mix of teamwork, creative process, workflow, file sharing, printing, and logistics is an incredibly rewarding experience. The process of managing the workflow from the request to the delivery creates opportunities for improvement and growth for everyone involved.
Creative Services
Logo, Brand & Identity Design
Copy Writing 
Communication Campaign Creative
Event Design 
Large Format Graphics: Signs, Billboards, Decals, Banners, Vehicle Wraps
Photo Retouching 
Website & Social Media Graphics

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